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A Patient Cured is a Customer Lost...

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Does it seem like you're going on the marry go around of doctor visits with no real resolve? Providers not taking your needs serious? Visits seems rushed, cold and impersonal? Never can speak directly to your provider? Give our Integrative Care Center a Try. Joi the Integrative Nurse Practitioner is caring and compassionate. Our methods include an Integrative Approach (complementary and western) while you gain your own personal healthcare advocate. New Mexico Only (Integrative Care): We offer- Extended visits Direct access to your PCP Same Day Next Day Visits Access to On site Nutritional Dispensary Health Promotion Diabetes/Weight loss/Management

Nutrition Counseling Telehealth Housecalls (if local and provider discretion) In-Depth Medication Review Medication Refills Retail Care visits

New Mexico Only (A la Cart Medical Services): Medical Cannabis Evaluations: $55 for recert; $75 for Initial (will price match) Telehealth-Urgent Care/Med Refills: $55 Housecalls w/in Doña Ana County: $100 Sports Physicals: $45 B12 injections: $35 IV Hydration/Vitamin C infusions (coming soon): Prices varies Price Varies Nationwide (Functional Medicine Visits): 1 on 1 Telehealth Visits Comprehensive Nutritional Screening Toxicity Screening Individualized Supplement Plan Access to Unique Lab Screening (if applicable) Detox/Weight Release Programs Privy to Professional Grade Nutritional Dispensary (Inquire about pricing and programs)

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