Medical Services

Joi of Housecalls Integrative Health & Wellness offers many services at your doorstep ranging from Medical Marijuana Certs/Recert, Weight Control Program, B12 Injections,

IV Hydration, HouseCalls, Telehealth, Sports physicals, TB Testing, Flu shots, *Discounted Blood Work, Primary Care (Urgent visits, Chronic Visits), *DOT Physicals, and Prescription service, 

Dermatology Consultation
Petri Dish

Physical Examination & DOT Physicals

Our Advanced Practice Nurses can do Annual Wellness visits, Physical Exams and Health Screenings 

DOTs are a separate fee


If you are uninsured, We can offer blood work at a discounted rate!!

In-Depth Health and Nutrition Screening

We don't just want to know your medical history. We want to know how you sleep, how you eat, what stressors you have in your life and more! Free on your intake visit after you become a member!

Acute/Urgent Illnesses

We treat Sinus infections, Minor cuts, scraps and burns, Cold/Cough & flu, UTI's, sore throat, bronchitis, Pink Eye, and Headaches, STIs.

Chronic Illnesses & Medical Marijuna Recommendations

Our Advanced Practice Nurses can help prevent, treat and/or manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. 

* Medical Marijuana Certs/Recerts (fee)

Medication Review and Education

We treat all our clients through a holistic approach to medicine we do an extensive review of your medication  and check them against blood work and see what medications you CAN COME OFF

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

Members are privy to a new philosophy of wellness because our practitioners perform an in depth- nutrition assessment and execute a toxic screening

Emergent Care

If you are having a life threatening emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room!


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